Decorative Stone

Nothing adds an elegant touch to a lawn quite like decorative stone. At The Yard in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, you’ll find a wonderful selection of different stone options to add a unique touch to any property.

Stone Options

Stone comes in a range of different sizes, each one suitable for different applications, including drains and other features. Sizes include 3/8” pea stone, ¾”, and 1½” stone, as well as trap rock. We are happy to deliver to homeowners and landscape or general contractors. Pricing varies, so feel free to contact us to find out what your order will cost. If you would rather pickup your order, our team will help you load it.

Whether you need stone for a building project or to add a unique touch to your landscape, count on us. Our stone is great for a wide range of different applications, and we’ll ensure you get the product you need. 

Contact us to learn more about decorative stone.

Stones - Decorative Stone