Landscaping Sand & Compost Loam

The Yard in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, offers a range of landscaping sand and compost loam options you can use in a range of different applications, from landscape features to gardens. Trust us to deliver high-quality products for your property, or come pick them up whenever you like.
Sand - Landscaping Sand


Our sand includes sandy fill, brick sand, concrete sand, and stone dust. These can be used in a range of different projects, including concrete mixes, as a decorative addition, and in many other projects. Contact us today to learn more about our landscaping sand options, and how you can use them to beautify your lawn.

Compost Loam

Loam is an excellent addition to your compost pile, or to the soil you plan to start a garden in. Choose to have yours delivered, or to inquire about picking it up yourself.


Contractor and landscaper discounts are available, just contact us for information. We also offer quantity discounts on larger orders. We offer delivery in the following areas:

• Sutton • Douglas • Mendon • Millville • Black Stone • Northbridge

Contact us to learn more about our fantastic selection of landscaping sand and compost loam.